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Catholic Counseling Info

Monica Greenwood 14 July 2016

Catholic Counseling:
Many good Catholic people and families have had times in their lives when they have benefitted from counseling. is an updated list of 15 local counselors who follow the teachings of the Catholic Church. Call Sam Meier, LPC at 913-647-0378 for confidential information about the Archdiocesan list of Catholic counselors. The listing is not an endorsement of a counselor’s methods or effectiveness. For additional resources for counseling in the community, call Terri Nicholson at 913-433-2064 -Not all of the agencies and counselors are Catholic.

RCIA Adult Formation

Monica Greenwood 14 July 2016

Adult Formation:
The RCIA team is sharing the Symbolon video series on the 4th Thursday of each month. Everyone in the parish is invited to join them to learn more about our Catholic faith. Contact our RCIA team (John & Carolyn Davied, Michelle Giesy or Lori Puckett) for more information.